Well, what a fantastic tour this is turning out to be! The early start was rewarded with a beautiful drive from Glasgow to Melrose and through the alluring borders that Scotland has to offer. When embarking on this tour we were unsure what to really expect with concert locations and the travelling it would involve, but certainly our opinions have been changed for the better! Nothing can compare to the handsome serenity that this part of the world has to offer! We arrived in Melrose to the imposing and solemn structure of Melrose Church and were struck by the incredible beauty and silence that was surrounding us. But the tranquility most certainly did not follow us into the Parish Hall for our second recital of the January Tunnell Trust tour. We immediately felt welcomed by the, larger than anticipated, audience as we embarked on a musical venture showcasing the incredible music written (or arranged) for the saxophone quartet. (Who knew that four saxophones could be so intriguing..!!) Even with a vigorous rugby match taking place just 200 yards away, the audience were captured by the wide variety of repertoire what was offered. We were richly rewarded for our efforts by our incredibly kind hosts at an evening meal with, most certainly, the best food we have had so far in Scotland! Day two – SUCCESS! Bring on whatever tomorrow and Newton Stewart has to offer – I am certainly hoping we will have a stop off at the Melrose Abbey and the home of the heart of the mighty Robert the Bruce… but maybe that is just me.. A huge thank you to our very generous hosts and we certainly hope to be returning!